Air Curtains :

  • What is an Air Curtain?
  • Different types of Air Curtains
  • Why use Air Curtain ?
  • Principles of A Non-Recirculating Air Curtain
  • Principals of Motion of Air Curtains

What is an Air Curtain?

An Air Curtain is a device specifically designed to provide a resistance to air ow through an opening, without having any physical barrier there. Simply put, an Air Curtain is a fan that is designed with an air Y outlet that has a low turbulent air stream (high laminarity) that can app g be angled towards the incoming air stream in such a manner that the 3 inflow of air can be prevented, and thereby creates a seal.

Different types of Air Curtains

Air curtains can either be re-circulating types, or non re-circulating types.

Re-circulating Air Curtains emit air from a discharge grill on one side of the door opening and collect the air on the opposite side. It is then filtered, sometimes heated, and then is returned to the discharge grille. These units are essentially a modified heating system and uses large amounts of air. They are usually associated with high initial costs and high operating costs. Also, because the air has to be filtered, the maintenance costs are also quite high. The feature is that they use low velocity air streams, which is desirable in some commercial entrances. They are usually used in supermarkets and store entrances. Non re-circulating Air Curtains are much more widely used. They are characterized by much lower initial and operating costs. As they are not re-using the air, it does not normally have to be filtered and thereby they can be made essentially maintenance free. They are also more effective, as the air streams are narrower and of higher velocities. These are the types that we manufacture.

Why use Air Curtains?

Interior:Air Curtain are often used at interior doorways of industnal and commercial facilities to seperate environments and to proivide an invisible barrier for protection against drafts, dust, dirt, odors and fumes. Exterior:Air Curtains are not designed for security purposes. They are secondary doors that allow unristricted access to the outside while conserving energy. Also, special types of Air Curtains protect against flying insects, dust and dirt.

Product Characteristics

  • Easy to open, convenient design in which the cover does not use screws
  • The stainless cover is made for high-strength aluminum and engineering plastics.
  • The ingeniously designed casing is 40% lighter than normal machines suitable for installation over glass doors and marble
  • With a uniquely designed air guide bar, it can produce wind in all directions, working well in various environments.
  • It can be operated either by remote control or at the touch of a button.
  • lt has high, medium, and low speed switch functions.
  • Adopting optimized electrical machinery ; it operates reliably, and run safely for 24x7 hours
  • Vast Range of Sizes

A Comparative chart between S, D, C and I Model

Specification S D C I IA
Height Catered Upto 6.5' Upto 8' 8' - 14' 14' - 20' 18' - 24'
Motor 0.25
1.5 HP
Max. Vel. At Nozzle (Meter/Sec.) 12 18 23 26 30
Blower Size Dia. - 6"
Length - 8"
Dia. -8" Length
- 8"
Dia. - 9"
Length - 8"
Dia. - 10"
Length - 8"
Dia. - 11"
Length - 8"
No. of Fins in Blower 29 40 45 48 48
Dimensions (H x W x L) 11" x 8.5" x
15"x11"x E* 18"x14"x E* 19"x14"x E* 21"x17"x E*

E* - Enterance of door (Width).

Model No. Door Opening
Width Height
Max. Vel. at Nozzle(m/s) No. of Motors@H.P. RPM of Motor
MEI/250 D 30" / 8' 18 1 @ 1/3 1440
MEI/300 D 36" / 8' 18 1 @ 1/3 1440
MEI/350 D 42" /8' 18 1 @ 1/3 1440
MEI/400 D 48" /8' 18 1 @ 1/3 1440
MEI/500 D 60" /8' 18 1 @ 1/3 1440
MEI/600 D 72" /8' 18 1 @ 1/3 1440
MEI/700 D 84" /8' 18 1 @ 1/3 1440

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