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Mr.H.I.Shah has played a stellar role in the growth of Chakshu Engineering and his efforts have helped make it one of the gujarat's leading manufacturers & distributor of All kind of fan blowers and spares machineries for different industrial sectors. Mr H.I.Shah has played an integral role in building Chakshu Engineering in attaining its current global as well as domestic reputation. His vision for the future includes establishing Chakshu as one of the india's top ten manufacturers of fan blowers & spares. Mr. H.I.Shah vision is evident from the active role he played in establishing development in Indian markets to provide high-end quality solutions to major & global corporate clients.


The basic objective of the company's team management is to get and supply only that quality products which can get the customer's necessary & essential requirement as per international standards of performance, quality, & reliability.


The companies Quality policy is to maintain an efficient and specified Total Quality Management Program developed and saturised in comparison with other management concepts,to see that the client's product and quality requirements are maintained,and to obtain promising and persistance in the quality of products. Computer aided machineries and talented and experienced persons ,who has a constant watch on product and quality at each levels of manufacturing. It has its own testing laboratories which helps in dominating the performance to the prescribed standards applicable . Each and every step is taken to provide,maintain and establish and an tremendous and effective quality products which has been developed with other managerial concepts by judging the right principle's of technique's.

Products Manufacturing

Turbine Blowers

Axial Fan

FC impeller

Insect Killer

Corporate Overview

The company is being steered by persons having sound Educational Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience to function independently in varied spheres of their activity ranging from Machinery products, fan blowers, and spares for catering different industries...

Having in-house business and industry background, helps us to tap the potential with the right contacts and proper positioning of the products Vis - a Vis the competition.

Shri H.I.Shah who is the force to reckon behind this Organisation is well known business person who himself has 20 years wide experience in this engineering & machinery products. He was the man who was behind to get the first ladder in the global world of exports after the great setup of one of the biggest fan blowers & spares products manufacturing company of the country in 1979.This products were excellent ,superb and tremendous quality and highly oriented in all the means. He was the person who developed quality techniques of all such products making by tremendous research, development, testing, and quality, and after all he got the success in the market by launching that products.

It was the dynamic starting of the bright future for the company when Mr. Vaibhav Shah joined the company in 1997 got the credit for increasing the products range with different varieties, requirements and tremendous quality. Now this products are been operating in most of the limited and private limited companies in the country. The company also developed network in all over major industrial cities with their dealer network. With the successful participation of Mr. Vaibhav Shah and their professional team they started growing rapidly with their will and strength. At present the company has totally been focussed and stressed in developing global international as well as domestic markets by making tie-ups,collobrations and universal partnership which would focus them specifically in future.

Company's Vision:

The company has always been maintaining a pacesetter for the future times. Companies main concentration is totally on the development of technical support quality product for the international and indian markets.

Research and Development:

Due to tremendous and tough efforts,the research and development management has equipped and designed ,managed and tested brilliantly and successfully all the products manufactured. The company also maintains a never ending desire and strategies which would suit the technical potentiality requirements of the markets.

Marketing, Distribution & Service Network :

Marketing strategies are also conducted from time to time.Company maintains its own service station,repairing management and many others at each levels in the country. Excellent,effecient,and talented engineers have a regular visit to provide training and dynamic demonstration programs to the clients.

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